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Oriental Travels Private Limited

Hospitality is our inheritance!!

Since Yr. 1960


Are you tired of the hectic pace of living life in the fast lane triggers day in and day out? Time you took a break and indulged in a holiday that will reenergise your mind, body and soul and bring you back recharged!

What is a Spa?

A Spa is a place which carries out treatments and cures for overall health improvement using natural methodologies, mainly from water and other alternative meidcines. A Spa helps in the holistic rejuvenation of our 5 senses i.e. Sight, Taste, Smell, Sound & Touch, which in turn balance the physical & mental health; and spirit. A Spa deals in treatments to protect good health rather than curing ailments. 

Your Spa Specialist - Anywhere you go.... Worldwide

We work with Spas'across the world - From Grand Palaces to intimate City Hideaways, from ancient Castles to sumptuous Safari Tents, from Tropical Aeries to Mystical Paradises, all are utterly unique and serenely relaxing - offering the best luxury spa & wellness services. You name it and we deliver it!

Even the tiniest day spa can offer a dizzying number of services. Massage therapy can be effective with pain management, but many healthy people visit the spa regularly because it helps them maintain physical, mental and emotional well being.

Enjoy the elegance of one of the world's finest hotels, and immerse yourself in the luxury and caring attention you so richly deserve. Our Overnight/several days - Spa Packages are total programs designed to soothe and improve you - body, mind, and soul.

We can offer Resorts at various destinations around the world - India, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey & many other places which are a haven with innovative and relaxing spa services, where you will enjoy classic elegance, timeless sophistication, and the unmistakable touch of relaxation.

Throughout your journey, you will discover aromas, flavors, textures, sounds, and vistas that are unique. Take it all in and let the stress melt away.

To make our clients feel fresh & rejuvenate themselves in the most effective way, we offer them tour packages that encompass massages and SPA arrangement.

Types of Spa's

Relaxation and Pampering Spas

A centre owned by and/or located within a hotel or resort providing professionally administered beauty and relaxation treatments. The spa experience generally does not extend outside the spa centre to include spa cuisine or exercise classes, however some of the most luxurious spas fall into this category, and are perfect for clients wanting top class pampering as part of a relaxing holiday.

Ayurveda Spa

Ayurveda began in India and is the oldest known health system in the world. Ayurveda aims to prevent and heal diseases and their symptoms, strengthen the immune system, increase the body's general wellbeing and delay the ageing process. Ayurvedic treatment programmes are designed for each individual after consultation with the physician. Most Ayurveda centres also offer daily yoga and meditation as part of the programme.

Thermal Spa

Thermal Spring Spas have an on-site source of natural mineral or thermal water. Traditionally the thermal waters were used to treat medical complaints. Now, there are resorts which have utilized the source of such mineral-rich waters and offer thermal spa services amidst the comfort of a luxury hotel.

Thalassotherapy Spa

Thalassotherapy spas use warm seawater for treatments which are perfect for relaxation and de-stressing, or to provide relief from general aches and pains including back-pain, and can be great as a cure for insommnia. The seawater treatments also have a general de-toxifying effect and so can be beneficial for reducing cellulite and for weight loss in combination with a low calorie diet.

Destination Spa

A Destination Spa aims to provide lifestyle improvement and health enhancement through a combination of exercise, healthy eating, spa and well-being treatments. Destination Spas are good places to visit if you are travelling alone as there are organised classes and activities throughout the day, giving the opportunity to meet other like-minded guests. Personal training and nutritional guidance are also often available.

Hotel Spa

A Spa owned by and located within a resort or hotel providing professionally administered spa services, with fitness and wellness components and usually spa cuisine menu choices. Hotel Spas have excellent spa facilities and offer a very wide variety of treatment programmes, they may appeal to the spa-goer who would like to combine a spa holiday with other holiday activities.

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"We went to India for the second time with Oriental Travels. Just like the first time, we find the team of the highest professional quality and excellence in the services provide..."

Wilson Pacheco & Marcia Cristina da Silva Oliveira


"Dear Kanika, I am most grateful to you, for making our stay such a memorable one in that everything in the arrangements was so remarkably well done. From the initial airport ..."

Martin Spettigue, England

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