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Wildlife Adventure Expedition in India

India is home to a large variety of wildlife. It is a biodiversity hotspot with various ecosystems ranging from the Himalayas in the north to the evergreen rain forests in the south, the sands of the west to the marshy mangroves of the east.

The Indian government has established 18 biosphere reserves, which protect larger areas of natural habitat and often include one or more national parks or reserves, along with buffer zones that are open to some economic uses. Protection is granted not only to the flora and fauna of the protected region, but also to the human communities who inhabit these regions, and their ways of life.

Experience thrilling jungle safaris at one of India’s largest wildlife parks – be it Ranthambore, Pench, Gir or Bandhavgarh – all these parks have immense number of mammals to see for the visitors. The entry to these parks is restricted and controlled by the park authorities. Advance bookings are mandatory for visitors to seek permission to embark on safaris. Enjoy sunrise and sunset game drives to spot tigers, leopards and sloth bears in their natural habitat. You could feel your spine tingle with excitement as you gaze into the eyes of a royal Bengal tiger at the Bandhavgarh National Park, or admire the sheer beauty of the landscapes surrounding the Pench National Park and go on exhilarating game drives in search of tigers and leopards.

It’s an experience of a lifetime to spot endangered chinkaras and cheetas during an open jeep safari through the Panna National Park, or enjoy intimate encounters with gentle elephants at a private farm house near Jaipur.

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